Andrew Belletty

Andrew Belletty

Dr Andrew Belletty is a founding member of Yothu Yindi, internationally acclaimed sound designer and former Head of Sound at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

Exhibitions include; listen_Up, with r e a & Judy Atkinson, Big Anxiety Festival, 2019. The Origins of Art, a collaboration with Maria Fernanda Cardoso, MONA, 2017, SITEWORKS, 2018, MCA,2019 TATE MODERN (2020). Various, UTS Data Arena, 2017, VR Noir, VIVID, 2016, River Journey, Galleries UNSW, 2016, The Eyewash, Powerhouse Museum, 2014.

‘Echo Lane’ is now a space for shared acoustic experiences, featuring 6 trumpet horn speakers suspended above the laneway and connected to the walls through convoluted metallic tubes. Davies Lane encompasses unique acoustic properties where sounds echo naturally and organically without the need for electric amplification.

The work is inclusive at all levels with the inclusion of 6 benches and wheelchair accessible flexible Speaking Tubes. It also offers opportunities for spontaneous happenings from pedestrians, professional buskers, amateur performers, children – anybody who can speak, sing, or even amplify music into collector pipes and create shared musical experiences.

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