Bianca Hayden and Mark Leacy

Bianca Hayden and Mark Leacy

Bianca Hayden and Mark Leacy are sound and visual artists based in Blackheath, NSW. With a collaborative arts career spanning over 10 years, the pair create works that are interactive and playful experiments with light, sculpture, sound and geometry. Bianca and Mark are co-founders of Steep St. in Katoomba, an interactive concept piece which explores the human relationship with its environment through sound, smell, touch, sight and the other. Masquerading as a retail store the work challenged visitors to move past their pre-conceived ideas of what a retail store should be and brought to the foreground the interconnecting thread that connects objects, ideas and us. This experiment is continuous and now transitioning into STST.ARI.

‘Times Spectrum’ is an immersive artwork installed in Ha Penny Lane that includes the installation of dichroic sculptures that spin slowly, dispersing coloured sunlight and shadowy figures down onto the ground and pedestrians, with coloured painted artwork interacting with the light play.

The installation is a true living lane that will have a different aesthetic appearance over time and respond to different weather, lights, and times of the year.

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Living Lanes recognises that Dharug and Gundungurra Traditional Owners have a continuous and deep connection to their Country and that this is of great cultural significance to Aboriginal people, both locally and in the region. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.