Expression of Interest Guidelines

Laneways Public Art Katoomba Project

Guidelines for Submitting an Expression of Interest
Blue Mountains City Council (Council) and Toolo Ltd (Toolo), supported through the Australian Trade and Investment Commission are delivering the Laneways Pubic Art Katoomba Project (The Project). We’re looking for installation artwork ideas that communicate our vision for a sustainable city of the arts. We’re seeking creative projects that engage and inspire locals and visitors. We encourage artists to consider 3d relief, kinetic, interactive, tactile and sensory experiences. Artworks should be suitable for all weather conditions and have a lifespan of more than 2 years. We want artists to think about sustainability and end of life within the creation of their artworks. This is an open call for proposals from artists residing in the Western Sydney District. To be eligible you must reside in the following local government areas only: Blue Mountains, Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Penrith and Wollondilly. The full commissioning process involves:
  • Artists submit an EOI;
  • A panel will assess the Expressions and select artists to continue to the next stage of development;
  • Artists selected to continue will be awarded a $1,000 fee to develop and work with the selection panel and project team to refine their idea, research costs, gain development consent where required;
  • The Selection Panel will then decide which artists will move through to the commissioning round and work with the artists to full realisation of the concept.
We’re looking for projects that:
  • may be exhibited from a period of 2 years+
  • demonstrate artistic excellence
  • Inspire our city to be sustainable
Installation dates
Selected works will be realised between July 2021 and September 2021.
We’ll provide funding up to $20,000 per project, which is the total cost of production and installation. This will include the artist fee, all materials, transport, installation expenses, such as any engineering and safety costs.
Submission requirements
All submissions must be made through the online form. Emailed submissions won’t be accepted. To complete the form, the following are required:
  • Artist/team contact details (Phone, Email and Mailing Address)
  • One Page CVs and Short One paragraph Biography of all team members
  • Project description (Include the materials planned to be used and address how it fits within a Sustainable City) (Up to 250 words)
  • Conceptual visuals of the project (provided as jpegs or pngs only)
Expressions of interest will be evaluated by a selection panel consisting of members of the Council, Toolo and leading members of the Blue Mountains/ Western Sydney artistic community. Applications will be assessed on, but not limited to:
  • Creative approach to addressing sustainability
  • Innovative approach to interpretation of public laneway spaces
  • Calibre/experience of artist/s/team
  • Potential for audience engagement/experience.


  • Stage 1: Expressions of interest close 5pm, Sydney time Wednesday 31st March 2021
  • Stage 2: Shortlisted projects notified mid April 2021
  • Stage 3: Shortlisted proposals due early May 2021
  • Stage 4: Selected artists notified mid May 2021

Selected Laneways

Projects will take place in the following laneways:
  • Davies Lane
  • Church Lane
  • Studleigh Place
  • Ha’Penny Lane
  • Penny lane
We will work with artists to secure location approvals from council and private property owners. Artists that are submitting with site /laneway specific artworks should consider how their artwork could be adapted to another laneway if their first preference is not an option.


If you have any queries, please email: For all accessibility related enquiries please contact project member Justin Morrissey on 0431147052 Please note that only written enquiries can be addressed for legal reasons.

Terms and conditions for Submitting an Expression of interest for the Katoomba Laneways Project

The Process

All applications for the Expression of Interest (EOI) must be received by the closing date and via the online form only. All applications should address the ‘Brief’ contained in the Submission Guidelines within their project description. All applications will be assessed by an industry related panel, including representatives from the Blue Mountains City Council and Toolo Ltd. Any costs incurred by respondents in any way associated with the preparation and submission of this expression of interest will be entirely borne by the respondent. A list of artists will be selected to refine their concept designs and further develop their artwork with the curatorial team to identify any potential issues not limited to the following: approvals, logistics, installation, safety. Not all artists selected will have their artworks commissioned after the short-listing process. Toolo Ltd and in partnership with Blue Mountains City Council at its absolute discretion reserves the right to accept or reject any expression of interest and to decide the makeup of the selection panel. Each artist whose submission is accepted by the Selection Panel, and whose artwork is approved for creation and installation in one of the Selected Laneways, must enter into an agreement between the Council, and the artist concerned. Amongst other terms, the agreement will specify the timeline and the milestones for the delivery of the Project and shall designate instalment payments to be made to the artist as the nominated project milestones, within that timeline, are achieved. The Council shall determine whether the installation of any artwork in a Selected Laneway will require development consent under the EPA Act or an approval under the LGA or any other approval or consent. The Council will be requested by the Selection Panel to communicate its opinion concerning any such consents or approvals and the Selection Panel shall, when notifying an artist that her or his submission was successful, also notify that artist the consent or approval that must be secured before the artwork is installed. Toolo and the Council will work together with the artists to seek any required consent or approval and will take reasonable steps to ensure that the consent or approval is secured. It should be noted that having an artworks selected, does not guarantee the appropriate approvals will be obtained. At the execution of this agreement artists can commence the fabrication and construction of their artworks. No legal or other obligations will arise between a respondent and the Council unless or until formal contract documentation has been signed.

Notes on the Heritage values of Katoomba

The Katoomba commercial precinct is in aesthetic terms an outstanding intact collection of early twentieth century commercial buildings, representative of many of the popular commercial styles of the federation and inter-war periods. The precinct has additional appeal with its network of laneways and driveways penetrating beyond the shopfronts, interspersed with and through the buildings, that give access to rear yards for vehicular parking and for pedestrians to the parallel streets where guesthouses, flats and residential buildings dominate. The laneways are an essential part of the town character, overcoming problems of topography and an otherwise long block of the main street, Katoomba Street. The dominance of the Carrington Hotel and its associated garages and former powerhouse with its imposing chimney on the landscape give the townscape a strong identity and focal point. The survival of a number of church buildings within the commercial precinct gives the Katoomba town centre a continuing association with the spiritual life of the community. The town centre has an added dimension with the interspersing of residential flats throughout the precinct both as purpose designed buildings and incorporated into shops. Many of the commercial buildings retain their original shopfronts characterised by the use of metallic finishes of copper and chrome.

Sound and Noise

To ensure the continued amenity of nearby residential properties, any noise associated with the artworks shall not constitute offensive noise as defined by the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 and Regulations made thereunder, or any subsequent Act. Noise from power tools and equipment, swimming pool pumps or the like must not be heard in a habitable room of a neighbours residence before 8 a.m. or after 8 p.m. (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) or before 7 a.m. and after 8 p.m. on any other day . To ensure the continued amenity of nearby residential properties, any noise associated with the operation of the artworks shall not constitute offensive noise as defined by the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 or any subsequent Act. Any noise associated with the artwork shall be located and managed to minimise adverse noise impact. As a minimum level of performance, the LA10 noise level emitted from the premises shall not exceed the background noise level by more than 5dB(A) up to midnight and shall not exceed the background noise after midnight when measured at the boundary of the worst affected residence.

External Lighting

To protect the amenity of the local area and to avoid obtrusive light spill to the surrounding properties, all external lighting including car park lighting, under awning lights, security path lights and signage, shall meet the following requirements:

a) The lights are to be ‘warm white’ in colour; and b) The lights are to have a light output distribution sufficient to achieve the required illumination purpose while avoiding excessive light spill to the surrounding properties; and c) Any approved illuminated signage shall be turned off no more than 30 minutes after closing time.

As a minimum level of performance, the light output distribution shall conform with the limits set for Environmental Zone (Select relevant Environmental Zone from AS 4282) as outlined in the relevant Light Technical Parameters specified under Section 3 AS 4282 Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting. Any illumination required for the event shall be operated and positioned to minimise light spillage from the boundary of the subject property. As a minimum level of performance, illumination shall avoid obtrusive light spillage to adjoining residential properties or dwellings.

Risk Assessments

Prior to the installation of each artwork in a Selected Laneway the Council shall carry out a risk assessment in relation to the installation and identify the maintenance of the artwork that will be required during the period in which the artwork is installed. A risk assessment and maintenance assessment shall be carried out for each artwork that is installed as part of the Project. Artists will be required to provide input into the risk assessment.

Ownership of the Artwork

Ownership of each artwork installed in one of the Selected Laneways shall pass from the artist to the Council upon delivery of the artwork concerned to the Council for installation in the Selected Laneway concerned. Artist retain the copyright in their work.

Communications and Media

All enquiries made by media representatives regarding the Project will be managed by the Council and all responses to those enquiries will be made by the Council. Artists will not make comment to the media without approval from the Council.


Information supplied by the Artist will not be treated as commercially sensitive or confidential unless specifically requested by the Artist. Information received by the City may be subject to disclosure to the public under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and regulations unless it has been provided in confidence, relates to commercially sensitive information or falls within an exemption from disclosure under that act.


Artists should hold public liability insurance and personal injury insurance during the installation of their artworks. Following the installation of the artworks, the Council will ensure that there is public liability insurance in respect of each of the artworks for the duration of the Project.


The Artist warrants that the work shall be their own original works and shall not be the subject of a claim of ownership by third parties.

Acknowledgement of Financial Contribution

The Blue Mountains City Council in consultation with Toolo received support from the Commonwealth, through the National Bushfire Recovery Agency, for grant funding for the Project.


Expression of Interest

Entries into our Expression of Interest have now closed.
As of 5pm, Sydney time Wednesday 31st March 2021

If you have any more questions, please enquire at

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