Our Artists

Our Artists

Five laneways across Katoomba town centre are set to be transformed by the following 5 local artists:

‘The Gift’- Church Lane

Heidi Axelsen and Hugo Moline are artists living in Katoomba who work across architecture, installation, social process and public art. They make site-specific devices, discursive machines and social infrastructures.

Their work for Living Lanes, titled, ‘The Gift’ will be a site-specific structure that represents the concepts of shared resources and fixing things. The Gift will be a simple, lockable structure able to be used for a variety of different giving practices by individuals and organisations on the basis of generosity and mutual benefit.

This work seeks to be both a mascot and new infrastructure to support the expansion of the collaborative and generous practices that already exist in Katoomba.

‘Mushroom Matrix’ – Penny Lane

Experimental printmaker Freedom Wilson & designer and maker Georgina Donovan have transformed Penny Lane with their work titled ‘Mushroom Matrix’.

Varieties of mushroom species created from sustainable plantation plywood are fixed to the brick walls of the laneways to represent the hundreds of unique fungi species playing an integral role for many other lives within our environments, supporting plants with nutrition and devouring fallen branches and trees.

Print images of mushroom habitats, plant parts and wildflowers are layered with images of leaf litter and the dried flowers of Sassafras trees, Coachwoods, Banksia and ferns – all printed onto large scale mushroom forms and fixed to the rough, narrow brick walls of Penny Lane. This is a tribute to the complex relationships between different species of plant and fungi growing across the unique Blue Mountains escarpments and gullies below.

‘The Click’ – College Lane

Mark is an award winning artist, educator and designer who resides in the beautiful township of Blackheath. Originally an industrial designer from the UK, his work sits at the cross-section of Art and Design through the use of a wide range of mediums, techniques and processes that draw on over 20 years experience as a designer/maker. Making things has always been part of his DNA and he has also had the pleasure of working as a lecturer in both the UK and Australia.

The Click is a public artwork that acts as a visual metaphor for choosing to act. To achieve a sustainable future, we need change. And change requires action. 

The large, brightly lit LED-powered hand suspended above main-town Katoomba asks people to tell us how we can make things better, more sustainable through action & change. As with every click we choose what we want to see, through decisive acts we can create change in the real world.

All data from The Click will be presented in an illustrated book, additional web page or a standalone exhibition.

Click. Act. Tell us your ideas. And choose change. 

‘Echo Lane’ – Davies Lane

Dr Andrew Belletty is a founding member of Yothu Yindi, internationally acclaimed sound designer and former Head of Sound at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Exhibitions include; listen_Up, with r e a & Judy Atkinson, Big Anxiety Festival, 2019. The Origins of Art, a collaboration with Maria Fernanda Cardoso, MONA, 2017, SITEWORKS, 2018, MCA,2019 TATE MODERN (2020). Various, UTS Data Arena, 2017, VR Noir, VIVID, 2016, River Journey, Galleries UNSW, 2016, The Eyewash, Powerhouse Museum, 2014.

‘Echo Lane’ will be a space for shared acoustic experiences, featuring 6 trumpet horn speakers suspended above the laneway and connected to the walls through convoluted metallic tubes.
The laneway encompasses unique acoustic properties where sounds echo naturally and organically without the need for electric amplification.

The work aims to be inclusive at all levels with the inclusion of 6 benches and wheelchair accessible flexible Speaking Tubes. It also offers opportunities for spontaneous happenings from pedestrians, professional buskers, amateur performers, children –  anybody who can speak, sing, or even amplify music into collector pipes and create shared musical experiences.

‘Times Spectrum’ – Ha Penny Lane

Bianca Hayden and Mark Leacy are sound and visual artists based in Blackheath. With a collaborative arts career spanning over 10 years, the pair create works that are interactive and experiment with light, sculpture, sound and geometry. Bianca and Mark are co-founders of Steep St. in Katoomba, an interactive concept piece which explores the human relationship with its environment through sound, smell, touch, sight and audio – a continuous experiment now transitioning into STST.ARI.

‘Times Spectrum’ is an immersive artwork that includes the installation of dichroic sculptures that spin slowly, dispersing coloured sunlight and shadowy figures down onto the ground and pedestrians, with coloured painted artwork interacting with the light play

The installation will be a true living lane that will have a different aesthetic appearance over time and respond to different weather, lights, and times of the year.

Georgina Donovan and_Freedom_Wilson Mushroom Matrix
Georgina Donovan and_Freedom_Wilson Mushroom Matrix
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Living Lanes recognises that Dharug and Gundungurra Traditional Owners have a continuous and deep connection to their Country and that this is of great cultural significance to Aboriginal people, both locally and in the region. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.